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Commercial Tenancy Attorney in San Diego, CA

Types of Commercial Tenancy Matters

Matters relating to commercial tenancy may involve any aspect of a commercial lease. In general, courts will uphold the terms of a commercial lease in any legal proceeding, even in cases where it may appear to be unfair. Implied protections that are often inherent in a residential lease are not available to commercial tenants. In the case of commercial tenancy leases, no single standard lease exists. Differences between commercial tenancy law and residential law lie in such areas as the right to habitability, the right to repair and deduct for property defects, rent raises, rent control, notices to quit, security deposits, late charges, maintenance responsibilities, subleases, use of property, evictions, and more.

When your business is on the line in a commercial situation, it is important that you thoroughly understand your rights and obligations in any commercial lease. Whether as a commercial property owner or tenant, if you have a question, area of concern, or a dispute over a commercial lease, you should consult with our San Diego real estate lawyer who can assist you in this area of law.

Assisting Clients with Commercial Tenancy Matters in San Diego

If you need legal assistance with a commercial tenancy matter as a commercial tenant, lessor, owner, or property manager in San Diego or in the surrounding areas of southern California, you may need answers from a legal professional. At Bonnie Stokes Soria, PC we can provide competent and thorough legal advice, counsel, and representation in any matter involving commercial tenancy. We recommend that, if you need legal answers, you talk to the San Diego real estate lawyer at our firm. Commercial landlord / tenancy law is not the same as residential law. Many differences exist between these two types of leases which commercial tenants and landlords should understand.

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