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Real Estate Broker Negligence

Representing Clients in San Diego, Southern California and Colorado

Are you involved in a dispute with a real estate broker in the greater San Diego area or in Southern California? Although it is exciting, engaging in a real estate transaction can be a difficult and stressful process. If you believe your San Diego real estate broker has jeopardized your real estate sale or purchase, the attorneys at Bonnie Stokes Soria, PC can help.

In California, the real estate broker business is heavily regulated by statute, case law, and the Department of Real Estate. A real estate broker's fiduciary duty to his or her client requires the real estate broker to utilize the utmost care, integrity, honesty and loyalty. The real estate broker is hired for his or her knowledge and skill and is required to perform the necessary research and investigation in order to competently assist in the handling of a real estate transaction.

What is "fiduciary duty?"

San Diego real estate brokers owe their clients what the law calls a "fiduciary duty." This is the highest duty one person can owe another under the law. It imposes upon the fiduciary the heist degree of loyalty and obligation and means that the real estate broker must act with the highest good faith, undivided service and loyalty towards the client. San Diego real estate brokers must perform their duties solely for the client's benefit (no adverse or other interests) and San Diego real estate brokers are also required to obey your instructions.

Breach of fiduciary duty? Contact a San Diego real estate lawyer!

If a San Diego real estate broker fails to perform his or her professional duties, the attorneys at Bonnie Stokes Soria, PC are available to vigorously pursue all remedies on their clients' behalf. Some of the issues handled by the firm include:

  • Non-disclosure
  • Failure to counsel and advise
  • Failure to inspect the property being sold
  • Failure to disclaim or verify information given by the seller to the buyer
  • Misrepresentation of property size
  • Misrepresentation of boundary locations
  • Wrongful receipt of a secret profits
  • Failure to properly prepare documentation
  • Misrepresentations on MLS listings
  • Violations of California Civil Code statutes
  • Violations of the California Department of Real Estate Regulations

Attorney Bonnie L. Stokes has vast experience handling real estate litigation and related matters. If you are facing a lawsuit or are considering litigation, contact us for any real estate litigation matters in San Diego, California, Southern California, and Denver, Colorado. You also have the option of contacting us online using our easy case evaluation form.

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